Unlock the secret to radiant skin with a good skincare routine

Ashleigh Scott is founder of The Facialist, a renowned holistic facial clinic in Auckland. We recently caught up with Ashleigh to talk about skincare routines.  

Why is a skincare routine important?

The importance of a good and consistent skincare routine goes beyond just looking after your skin; it serves as a restorative moment of self-care. Spending just a few moments morning and evening building a skincare routine will transform your skin.  

What’s important when starting a new skincare routine? 

Finding a routine that suits your daily lifestyle is important – it doesn’t matter whether its 10 steps or two; build a routine that suits you, that you will be able to stick to daily. Consistency is key when it comes to your skincare routine!

What does a good skincare routine involve? 

The backbone of a good skincare routine begins with cleansing, a pivotal step that prepares your skin to effectively absorb your active products. Invest in potent and powerful active serums, targeted to your specific skin concerns, to transform your skin. And of course; the inclusion of sunscreen. This is non-negotiable. Today's commitment to SPF translates into less reparative work tomorrow.


TWYG skincare routine

We’ve heard, from Ashleigh, how important a good skincare routine is. 

Here’s how you can incorporate TWYG skincare products into your daily skincare routine, morning and evening.

Step One

Apply a small amount of TWYG Revive & Brighten Antioxidant Facial Serum to the face after cleansing, gently massaging until completed absorbed. Protecting and replenishing the skin barrier, leaving it feeling firmer, and more radiant.

Step Two

Apply TWYG Restorative Hydration Cream to restore dry skin back to good health, boosting nourishment and radiance.

Step Three

Apply a few drops of TWYG Renewing Antioxidant Facial Oil and gently massage into the skin. Renews dull, dry skin and evens skin tone.

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